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Your kindness is appreciated

Do you know people will call me up sometimes to place a take out order and they finish the conversation by asking me if I need something? Like they will be at dunkin donuts and ask if I want coffee. Or at the supermarket and ask if I need anything from the supermarket. The restaurant has become more like a second home, and less like a place of employment. And customers seem to feel the same way as well. Last week I had two people call me minutes after leaving the restaurant just to say thank you. One person called back just to say thank you for the amazing food. The other person called back to say thank you for the service. Their exact words were "We appreciate everything you do from the bottom of our hearts" Usually when people call back they complain, not to compliment. Other times when I'm really freaking busy I notice customers drink their beverages slowly so they don't have to bother me for a refill. Some people also clean up after themselves and bring me their dirty dishes. A lot of times I find customers catering more to me than I do to them. And although I do not expect this kind of treatment from anyone, since it's my job to please the customer and not vice versa, it's nice to see that people care. It's nice to see that I can make people feel like they are at home. It's just nice seeing people being nice, I don't know how else to explain it. It's appreciated, greatly.

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