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Find a nice Greek boy, I hear them say...Find a nice Greek boy, maybe one day

I cannot tell you have many times people will bring up the movie: “My big fat Greek Wedding” while dining at the restaurant… and I mean in a way my life is comparable because Toula (the main character) works in her family restaurant business and she's around 30 years old and unmarried. There are other comparable things between that movie and I, but what is most concerning to people is that I’m almost 30 and not married… Imagine that, as if I am some criminal or something; anyway, I am trying to put their irony aside.

As one can can also recall, everyone in Toula's life is trying to find her a nice Greek boy to marry. This happens to me too occasionally, but thankfully not often. But my customers vividly remember this scenario and always joke about this aspect, "Are you looking to marry a nice Greek boy?" or "Are your parents making you marry a nice Greek boy?" "Where is your nice Greek boy?'' I always just laugh it off because I know it all to be just a catch phrase, and after all people are free to believe whatever they want to; as for me, I was never really into Greek boys let alone finding a nice Greek one. Besides I've been hanging around Greeks all my life, and despite a couple of unique situations (they were a major fail anyway), Greek boys don't really catch my eye. And although the idea of a nice Greek boy isn't all a bad thing--it's not super important to me. I always say whatever happens, happens. To make things more ironic in regards to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Toula never actually finds herself a nice Greek boy, but instead a nice American boy. Because when it comes to getting married it doesn't matter what the person is---Greek, American, Spanish, Chinese---what matters is what feels right for you. In the meantime, this constant talk of finding a nice Greek boy inspired me to write a corny little poem you can find below.

Find a nice Greek boy, I hear them they say

Find a nice Greek boy, maybe one day

Find a nice Greek boy, I hear on repeat

Find a nice Greek boy, to sweep you off your feet

Find a nice Greek boy, the words spinning in my head

I found a 'nice' Greek boy, I think I'll go back to bed

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