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Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy ice cream and that's almost the same thing.

You know that smile a kid has on their face on Christmas Day as they are about to open their gifts? An older customer of mine had that same genuine smile on his face as I handed him a huge bowl of ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. A customer to his right took notice of him immediately and goes “that guy just made my day,” “to see a grown ass man get so genuinely excited over a bowl of ice cream.” He continued "I feel like you don't see things like that anymore, it’s nice witnessing people so happy over little things, it makes you happy too.” Then another customer on the left who was attempting to eat healthy also took notice and shouted "f my diet, I want ice cream too now." The funny thing is the ice cream wasn't even anything special--you couldn't even see what it looked like, all you could see was the whipped cream on it. But the combination of a little old bowl of ice cream paired with a genuine excitement for it seemed to stir up a lot of commotion.

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