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"Well after 30 years old, men will think you're an old lady, even if they are like 60 years

As soon as people find out I'm 28 years old, their first question, inevitably and alarmedly, is: "When are you getting married?" As if there is nothing more important in life than finding a husband. As if I have no other hobbies or goals or interests. For those intent on hearing a reply, I do have one: I don't know. When I find the right person I will probably settle down with him. That’s not a stance or position, just a fact. Right now I just want to live my life.

This question tends to be a recurring theme among my customers. Dodging the question doesn’t work; they pry, even meddle. One customer tried to set me up with his son. I am not really into setups, I would rather things happen naturally. So when I politely declined, he snapped back with: "Well, after 30 years old, men will think you're an old lady, even if they are like 60 years old."

I took a few seconds to really think about what he was saying. Did what he say actually make any sense? I guess he was trying to imply that all men will find me less attractive because my looks will deteriorate after 30? Or was it just a weak attempt to get me to reconsider going out with his son? I agree that after 30 my looks will become less of an advantage when trying to find a man. But aging is inevitable and, as much as I care about my physical appearance, I accept that my looks will fade with age. I already see a few lines on my face and my hair isn't as full as it used to be.

I won't lie, those admissions make me a little sad. But if my looks are fading, I’m simultaneously growing and improving as a person. Every day, I’m a little bit wiser, a little bit smarter, a little bit more compassionate. And although looking pretty is nice, the person you are on the inside is far more important. It’s that side of you that connects with another human and also lasts into eternity. And, honestly, if someone actually considers me an old lady after 30, then I wouldn’t want to be with that person anyway.

So, back to my potential setup: after staring blankly at my customer, the smile returned to my face. I told him: "I am okay with that."

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