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A glimpse of love

I am not a love expert or anything, but I think sometimes people get so caught up in the extravagant aspects of love that they tend to forget the significance of little things that can ultimately play a huge role in successful relationships.

After finishing up dinner one night, I asked a couple if they wanted to have any dessert and the woman immediately exclaimed how she has a HUGE sweet tooth and was craving our pudding really bad. Unfortunately though she sadly declined. She told me she recently took a blood test which resulted in a very high sugar count forcing her to restrain from sweets for the time being. I then looked at her husband and he also mentioned how he really wanted to have our dessert (he was allowed to have it though). His wife glanced at him and kindly told him he should definitely go for it. She didn't say it in a passive aggressive way as one might imagine, but she genuinely appeared to mean it. Without hesitation though, her husband said he'll pass too. Afterwards his wife went to use the restroom and her husband turned to me to admit that he understands how much it must suck for his wife and he just wanted to be supportive and that it wouldn't kill him to restrain from sweets too---at least while dining together. He goes "I'll just have some pudding tomorrow at work on my lunch break, when she's not there."

I thought this was sweet <3

p.s. It is important to NOTE (from my perspective), the woman did NOT force her husband to refrain from dessert and at the same time he did not do this solely because he pitied his wife....He seemed to actually care about her, and have empathy.

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