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"If you have a good experience in a restaurant you tell 2 people. If you have a bad experience

I saw this quote from Anthony Bourdain somewhere and sadly I find some truth in it.

But why?

Why as humans do we tend to dwell more on our bad experiences than our good experiences. It shouldn't have to be this way.

In regards to the restaurant business, yelp is a good example of this. I'm on yelp quite often and notice a lot of people will start a yelp account right after having one bad experience (usually overdramatic and pitiful) at a restaurant only to continue on from there writing only about their negative experiences.

A while back I decided not to be this way by starting my own yelp account and trying my best to do the opposite of by sharing mostly positive experiences about my favorite places.

I'm not saying I''ll never write a bad review. If I find a place that really deserves it, I will. If a morality issue is at stake like maybe the restaurant manager was visibly harassing an employee or you saw a server spit in your food from afar, then putting focus on this to spread awareness is justifiable. Ultimately yelp does serve this purpose as well. But for the time being I don't think I've have an experience so bad that was worthy of the attention on yelp.

Plus for me personally, I find writing about my good experiences on yelp to be good karma. Some days at my restaurant are super busy, and I work demanding hours which I pour my heart and what sometimes feels like empty soul into. The last thing I want to see at the end of the day is someone posting a horrible one star review on yelp.

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