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This is war.

This is a story from years ago which I don't know if I would consider humorous or silly or sad, but it's definitely an intriguing one.

One day a couple who often frequented my restaurant came in to eat, oddly enough they did not seat themselves at the same table. It appeared that they have just gotten into a big quarrel at home, and afterwards decided to get into separate cars to drive somewhere to eat dinner alone. However their minds still happened to wander to the same place; my restaurant. Take note, my restaurant is very small & intimate and only has about 12 tables. I watched on as the wife walked in and headed over to the last table in the back. Minutes later the husband walked in. I quickly realized they were in some sort of fight and thought maybe the husband would just leave and go somewhere else to eat, but instead he seated himself at the furthest table from his wife (which was barely 10 feet away). I didn't really know what to think or say so I just kept my mouth closed and proceeded to take both of their orders separately like it was totally normally. Thankfully they did not get into any shouting matches from opposite ends of the store, but it was definitely a good thing the restaurant was empty from other patrons because at one point I looked up only to witness both parties of the couple waving their middle fingers up in the air towards each other which went on for a good 15-20 seconds.

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