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Same old blue jeans, same old blue shirt

I love it when older people have sweet things to say about this their significant others. Some may say that love loses its intensity over time, especially if you're with the same person for X amount of years. But I don't believe that, especially when you are with the right person. How do I know this? I see it in the eyes of couples who have been together for a long time and how they speak about each other. I have this older gentleman who comes in on Fridays and picks up food for his employees. Even if he has to wait a little extra time for his food, he still smiles and waits patiently. He doesn't talk a lot, but every once and a while he has something nice to say. One Friday he noticed I always wear bright shirts on Fridays, and says to me "you know back in the day I only owned 5 blue shirts and 5 blue jeans...then I met my wife, she brought color into my life." As he was sharing the story I noticed he was wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt. It was his wifes presence that brougth that color and vibrance in his life. I thought this was so adorable, and you can tell he genuinely meant it.

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