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She sent her eggs back 4 times!!

I was watching TMZ the other night, and they were ripping on Anne Hathaway because she ordered breakfast during a commercial shoot and sent her eggs back 4 times. You can find the article here: As a server I once dealt with an almost identical situation. A man once threw a tantrum because his eggs didn't turn out exactly how he wanted them. He yelled, he screamed, and at one point he even started to throw pieces of his egg towards me as he continued being demeaning and rude. We redid his eggs several times, but could not please him. I also apologized several times and told him I would comp his meal. Eventually he ate some of his food and then angrily stormed out. I honestly felt embrassed for him, how could someone cause such a ruckus over damn eggs? Especially after I was still super nice to him and tried my best to correct the situation. At this point it didn't matter, I just hoped he would not come back again. But he did, they always do. And in this case, it was the next night. And boy did he surprise me. It was 20 minutes to close and someone placed an order on the phone for a chicken dinner. As I am getting the order ready I hear the door open and look up, only to see the angry egg man standing in front of me. We both kinda of blankly stared at each other, but then proceeded to do business as if nothing happened the previous day. I rang up his take out order which was about $12 dollars. He hands me a $20 bill and says "thank you, keep the change," then walks out. Although he didn't say the actual words, I'd like to say that this was his was of saying sorry. That maybe he actually did have a heart and felt bad for his childish behavior regarding his eggs. In defense of the customer, maybe he was just having a bad day the previous day. I'm not saying his behavior was acceptable, but I can understand how sometimes in the moment people can freak out over little things. Maybe it was the same case with Anne Hathaway. But for real though if you are that damn particular about your food, please do us both a favor and stay home and just make it yourself.

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