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New York is always a good idea.

It's very rare that I wear sports apparel to work, but I was really excited about the New York Mets making the playoffs (and now the World Series) that I decided to wear a Mets t-shirt to the restaurant this past week. I prepared myself to receive some comments from my customers. I expected the yankees fans to hate, the mets fans to cheer with me, and the rest of my customers to not notice or be indifferent. Although some people met my expectations, most customers had another thought on their mind. "ARE YOU A REAL METS FAN?" I skeptically got asked this same one question throughout the day. I guess to some it was strange seeing a female being a real Mets fan. But I think most assumed I just jumped on the bandwagon. But either way who cares? I was wearing a Mets shirt to show my support for the Mets, and although I do actually consider myself a R-E-A-L Mets fan, I don't see the big deal with people jumping on the bandwagon. If you support New York, if you don't support Kansas City, and if you love seeing the underdog dominate you inevitably will jump on the bandwagon. And I don't think it's a bad thing. Plus I always say the more the merrier :)

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