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Life in steps

It's been a hectic few months at the restaurant and every time I come on here to write about it, I blank out. I am tired, and it is usually late. But little by little, I will write about it all. As for now here are a few notable things that happened recently at the store:

1) our 2nd celebrity appearance in 16 years

2) our first appearance in the local newspaper and mention on the radio

3) our busiest day in 16 years

4) record breaking consecutive days I worked: 22

5) recording breaking consecutive hours worked in a week: 90 hours

6) reached 1200+ likes on our business Facebook page

7) my mom took her first vacation in 18 years

and here's a fun fact: on these busy days (8-9 workday) I walk on average 5-6 miles; keep in mind my restaurant is small, probably the size of an average car garage; that's a lot of steps! Here's the proof above from my iPhone which I keep in my apron all day.

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