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Live to work, but work to live

If you look closely at this picture you will see someone sleeping in this car. This is is not a homeless person. This is not a poor person. Nope, this is not a hungover person either. This is my father and he's taking a nap in his car outside in front of our restaurant. And although our house is just 10 minutes away from the restaurant--he still chooses to nap in the car.

Some may look at this scene and think--wow that man is dedicated. And although this may be true, I find it to be kinda sad. There is absolutely no reason my father should be napping in his car. And no reason he should be at the restaurant 24/7. He spends 90+ hours at the restaurant most weeks, and it’s not like we are struggling to make ends meet.

My dad is a workaholic.

To me this is just as bad as being addicted to alcohol, gambling, food, etc. I just hope one day he will wake up and realize this. Don’t get me wrong, I think living to work is a great thing; it keeps you engaged, it keeps you busy, and it gives you purpose. But at the same time, like anything else, it can be unhealthy when it’s overdone.

There needs to be some balance. I wish my dad would spend more time enjoying all that life has to offer. I wish that instead of living to work, sometimes he would work to live.

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