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It's simple until you make it complicated

Sometimes things are actually simple, and we like to make them complicated. Today I walked into the restaurant to find my dad battling it out--with the fax machine. He was trying to receive an important fax, and it wasn't coming through. He was clearly irritated and angry because he could not get the machine to work. I immediately walked over and tried to figure out what was wrong but after 5 seconds, I paused. I thought to myself--why am I even going to bother to waste any time trying to fix this. Hello it's 2017, it's called email. I told my dad to call the people and give them my email address---then they can send the papers to my email to print out, voila. He totally ignored me, kept yelling, and continued to fight with the machine.

I am pretty sure the extinction of the fax machine is near. Besides for the copy feature, I don't see the need for this machine anymore. And the best part is--the copy feature doesn't even work on our machine. My dad literally stood there angrily for about an hour trying to receive this fax. Finally I took action. I found the company that was trying to send the fax, called them up, and told them to email me the paper to print. Within 1 minute I had accomplished what took my dad over an hour to try and accomplish. But nope he wanted to be stubborn and make things difficult. And this my friends, is just one tiny little example what it's like working alongside my parents.

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