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Creatures of Yelp

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you want to find out at least a little bit about a person's character--check out their yelp account. Whenever a person leaves us a bad review on the internet the first thing I do is skim through that person's account to see how seriously I should take them. A lot of times I find I shouldn't take them seriously at all. Yelp and google allow you to respond to reviews on behalf of the restaurant, so sometimes I will do that--if I think that review is worthy of a response.

Recently someone gave us a one star rating alongside an oddly written review. When I went to check his other reviews I found a world full of bizarreness. Besides all his other reviews being only one stars (typical), he used sick or twisted made up stories to explain his bad experiences. Here is one particular review that stood out (a review of another restaurant).

I guess to some it could be considered humorous in a dark sort of way? For me--I won't be taking this person or should I say yelp creature seriously.

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