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"Don't let the world change your smile, let your smile change the world."

Some days smiling can be tough, but I think you should still try to anyway. The other day a customer pointed to my bus boy and goes "that guy must be the happiest man alive." I asked why he thought that and he responded "because he is always smiling." I smiled for a second because it's true my bus boy is always smiling, and I really admire him for it. Truthfully though, I do not believe just because he is always smiling he's the happiest man alive. I actually know as a fact from speaking with him that he has had a rough life. He is also an extremely hard worker who we try our best to take care of, but the unfortunate truth is he will probably never get the credit his deserves for it. However, no matter what struggles he may be dealing with, he still comes to work with the biggest smile on his face ready to perform his job and perform it well. And whether he means it it or not smiling really helps. It helps him get by, it helps us get by, and it contributes to a more positive environment.

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